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Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to rise to 10%

While the AA recently advised against an increase in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) the Chancellor has now confirmed the hike, taking the rate from 9.5% to 10% on Saturday. Being applied to most general insurance policies bought in the UK the increase will have the...

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Uber driver assaulted by rival taxi drivers 

It is no secret that Uber drivers and traditional drivers are rivals, with the professional competition often getting out of hand. With riots in the streets of London in previous years it did seem that things were starting to cool down, with healthy competition adding...

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Top 5 car insurance add-on products

If you are on the search for car insurance then you will no doubt spend a considerable amount of time comparing and contrasting deals, wanting to gain a clearer idea of what you could get for your money. At High Gear we are all about offering an honest service, not...

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Google to enter the insurance market

  Being a tech-focused business we at High Gear understand the importance of jumping on bandwagons, needing to get in there first before big corporate firms take industries over. With Google renowned for such practice the insurance market bit their nails to the bone...

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London helps black cabbies face new rules  

With private hire firms such as Uber facing stricter rules in the capital it seems that London are finally giving something back to the drivers of the city, today releasing a statement that they will introduce new measures to support black cabs and private hire...

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Government take action to safeguard taxi passengers

At High Gear we are incredibly passionate about safety in the industry, keeping up-to-date with current changes and concerns. This week passenger safety has again been the focus for many, with council representatives of Northern England eager to create awareness.
Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird QC, has joined forced with South Tyneside Council leader, Iain Malcolm; this week signing a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP. In a mission to safeguard taxi passengers these individuals are focused on the current law. At present, it is possible for both a private hire and a hackney carriage driver to be refused a licence by a local authority then go to another and be accepted, a law that these two wish to change in order to protect passengers.

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Zero No Claims Bonus Insurance

Being a taxi driver can be such a rewarding profession, knowing that you are chauffeuring people in need of transport in a safe and professional manner.

Being on the road all day everyday means that inevitably you are more of a claims risk, being involved in more collisions than your average family car.

Although this is not necessarily the taxi driver’s fault the nature of the job is renowned for affecting cab drivers no claims bonuses.

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The London Taxi Benevolent Association named UK’s Best Charity

With London transport being such a lucrative business drivers and firms have a responsibility to do their bit for charity, often getting involved in existing organisations as well as setting up their own. This week we are excited to announce that The London Taxi Benevolent Association has been named UK’s Best Charity; an organisation that offers free travel to war veterans.

Built up of a convoy of volunteer taxi drivers the charity has been running since 1948, responsible for running trips such as the annual seaside visit to Worthing.

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Uber add advanced bookings to its services

Uber, the transport app that is taking over the industry, has now added pre-bookings to its offerings, allowing customers to book their taxi up to 30 days in advance. However, passengers may be subject to a higher "surge price" if their cab is booked for a day where...

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