Worst area for uninsured drivers revealed

Worst area for uninsured drivers revealed

The area of the UK where uninsured drivers are most prevalent has been revealed as West Yorkshire as 17 of the most problematic postcodes in the country for drivers with no insurance are situated in the West Midlands or West Riding region.

Out of the 17 postcodes highlighted for having a high level of uninsured drivers, 5 of the postcodes are situated in Bradford where figures show there are 7 times more illegal drivers than the national average.

It’s estimated that 4% of cars on UK roads are being driven illegally with no insurance, which works out as 1.4 million cars out of the 34 million cars on British roads. Uninsured drivers have a negative impact on honest motorists, with £30 being added to each and every car insurance policy for insured motorists because of reckless drivers who take to the roads with no cover.

From June of this year, it became illegal to own a car without either taking out an insurance policy for the vehicle, or declaring it off the road. The authorities now have the power to seize any vehicle which does not comply with the new legislation.

Due to the high concentration of uninsured drivers in the Bradford region, the authorities are having to work extra hard to clamp down on these illegal motorists. Since the legislation came into force in June, 1,110 vehicles have been seized in Bradford, which averages at 6 vehicles per day, well above the national average.


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