Warning on invalid insurance policies sold through Aston Midshires

Warning on invalid insurance policies sold through Aston Midshires

A warning has been issued to any drivers who have car insurance policies with Aston Midshires after it was announced that the company is under investigation for selling invalid insurance policies.

Aston Midshires targeted young drivers in particular, offering competitive prices on insurance policies for new drivers and learner drivers. However there are fears that thousands of drivers on UK road could be driving without any form of insurance as the policies sold by Aston Midshires have been brought into question after 30 complaints were received from drivers who’d discovered their policies were not legitimate.

The Financial Services Authority, the police and Trading Standards are all reported to be carrying out investigations into the insurance provider. So far, the authorities have discovered that the company is linked to a foreign address, however Aston Midshires have most recently pulled down their website and also stopped answering phone calls.

When the authorities visited the building listed as the UK address for the insurance company in Leicestershire, the owners of the building said they had no record of the company ever operating from the address.

The consequences for drivers who have invalid policies with Aston Midshires is far reaching as not only are they not covered should they have an accident in their vehicle, but the consequences will affect the other drivers if they have the misfortune to be involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have valid insurance.


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