Uber Set To Shake Things Up In Cardiff

Uber Set To Shake Things Up In Cardiff

Having offered competitive rates for Uber taxi insurance since our entrance into the market it is safe to say that we keep a close on the company’s movements. We were incredibly excited to hear the latest news that the taxi-booking app was finally making its way to Cardiff; the city in which the High Gear journey began.

Mirroring their modern business practice we believe that Cardiff is set for a real revamp in regards to the city’s taxi services, a change that is arguable well overdue!

One Welsh columnist believes ‘the prospect of the online taxi firm coming to Wales flags up what needs to be improved about the cabs we currently flag down’.


Having been granted their operators license earlier this month Uber really feels thart they can make waves in the city, making the latest addition to their already flourishing portfolio of UK cities.

An Uber spokeswoman said: “In order to launch in a new city, Uber needs two things. The first is a licence to operate in the city and the second is a team on the ground to run the business. Uber has been granted an operator’s licence by Cardiff City Council but we are still recruiting for a local team. Only when we have a strong local team, can we look forward to being able to offer a safe, reliable and affordable choice for people in Cardiff.”

Uber currently operates in 15 UK cities including London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, Merseyside, Leicester and Belfast and parts of the Home Counties.

Their move into Cardiff.

simply supports their plea for world domination!

Let us know what you think, will Uber change the way we order taxis in the city? Leave your comments below.


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Uber Set To Shake Things Up In Cardiff
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