Travel insurance and star sign link investigated

Travel insurance and star sign link investigated

A recent study has revealed that your star sign could determine how likely you are to claim on your travel insurance. The research was conducted by Mondial Assistance and appeared to establish a link between a person’s astrological sign and the average cost of their travel insurance claim, including how frequently they are likely to process a claim.

According to the results of the study, travellers who fall under the star sign of Taurus make the most expensive claims out of all the signs in the zodiac, on average 8.5% higher, however they only came in third place for the frequency with which they make claims.

While Virgos have a reputation for making order out of chaos, when it comes to accidents while on holiday, they’re up in second place right behind Taurus, for making costly claims on their policy, however they don’t claim as often as other signs.

The sign which is most likely to make a claim was found to be Capricorn, however they’re not all bad as they were also found to claim the least on average. Gemini came in second place for the frequency with which they make claims.

While the group behind the study insisted that astrological signs are not one of the factors taken into account when calculating a premium for travel insurance, Mondial Assistance said they hoped their survey would help to raise awareness of the importance of having a travel insurance policy in place before we head off on our summer holidays.


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