TomTom to partner insurance broker to create new policy

TomTom to partner insurance broker to create new policy

TomTom and insurance broker Motaquote have joined forces to offer a brand new type of car insurance policy with the aim of reducing the cost of annual cover for many drivers. The two providers have come together to the new Fair Pay Policy, which rewards safe and careful drivers with reduced premiums.

The new style telematics insurance policy will utilise a TomTom device designed to monitor the policyholder’s driving, the information from which will be used to calculate the cost of the premium. TomTom believe their new style insurance policy will put drivers back in control of their car insurance as the cost of the premium is determined by their driving ability rather than factors outside of a driver’s control such as their gender, address or profession.

Those who sign up to the new policy offered by Motaquote wll be given a TomTom Pro 3100 sat nav which will provide active driver feedback while at the same time recording vital date about the driver’s on the road performance. The device will also alert the driver to any accident black spots or which will hopefully help to reduce the risk of accidents further.

The LINK tracking device will allow the insurer and the driver to check the date collected by the device at any time. The driver can check this information in-car with the use of a dashboard which is supplied along with the TomTom, or they can access the information online. In addition, email bulletins will also be received at regular intervals containing information on journey details and driver behaviour.


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