Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance (TPFT)

It is a legal requirement for all UK motorists to have at least Third Party Only insurance, being the most basic policy obtainable. If you do not feel that it is worth having Fully Comprehensive cover but would like a little it more security then it may be worth looking into Third, Party, Fire and theft cover, the middle ground when it comes to car polices.

What does Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover?

This type of policy provides everything a Third Party cover plan provides but with the addition of fire and theft cover. It allows you to process claims for damage on your car following an attempted theft as well as fire damage.

This type of policy offers:

  • Damage caused to other people, their vehicles and their property
  • Repairs on other vehicles
  • Legal claims against you
  • Damage you have caused on a vehicle or property
  • Third Party medical treatment costs
  • Fire damage to your vehicle
  • The theft of your vehicle

What does Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance not include?

By opting for a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy you are not covered for any repair costs for your own vehicle from an at-fault accident. Any medical expenses you may incur as a result of an accident will also not be covered by this policy type.

Getting a quote

If you would like to obtain a quote for Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance then allow us at High Gear to help. Our team of highly knowledgeable insurance brokers will compile the perfect car insurance agreement for you, ensuring you have the perfect cover plan in place to protect you and your vehicle.


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Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance (TPFT)
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