Teen gets £17k insurance quote for car worth £400

Teen gets £17k insurance quote for car worth £400

A teenager from Lancashire who recently passed his test has had to leave his £400 Volkswagen Polo sitting on his driveway for the last few months as he simply can’t afford the hefty £17,800 needed to insure the vehicle.

18-year-old Chris Berry used a price comparison insurance website to request quotes for cover across a range of insurance companies and the cheapest quote he received came in at just shy of £5,000 however this was for the most basic level of insurance, third party, fire and theft. The same insurer then gave him a quote of £17,800 when he requested a quote for fully comprehensive cover, more than tripling the original quote for basic cover.

The youngster said he was astonished when you received the costly quote, saying he wasn’t asking to insure a Ferrari, merely a 1997 registration 1 litre Volkswagen Polo, a typical first car.

The extortionate rates of car insurance for young drivers have been the subject of discussion for some time. The fact is, with insurance quotes for an annual policy coming in at thousands of thousands of pounds, this is stopping many young drivers from getting behind the wheel. Chris Berry believes something needs to be done, and has even emailed the Prime Minister, David Cameron, with regards to the issue.

Insurance companies say that although the cost of car insurance for young drivers has risen, they say that the cost of cover has increased for all drivers because of increases in fraud and other factors affecting insurance quotes.


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