Taxi Insurance – Beginners Guide

If you are in need of commercial car insurance then it is essential that you do your research, knowing what type of policy you are need of, especially if you are a taxi driver. With taxi drivers being more of a risk than your average driver it is imperative that you put pillars in place to not only protect your cab but your future as a professional driver. If you are new to the industry then it is understandable that you may need some help in regards to setting up a taxi insurance policy. Here is our Taxi Insurance Beginners’ Guide, we hope it helps!

Private Hire Taxi Insurance

If your taxi is used purely for pre-booked journeys then you will be in need of private hire Taxi Insurance and cannot display a taxi sign. It is important that you highlight this when receiving a quote as it will have a bearing on the type of policy and price you are quoted. With their being a lower risk involved in this type of taxi driving you will not want to pay over the odds for coverage.

Public Hire Taxi Insurance

Public Hire Taxi Insurance is required for cabbies that can be hailed, spending the majority of their time waiting for customers on the street. Due to the fact that such drivers spend more time in congested areas in off-peak times insurers will incorporate such environments into the calculation process.

What has a bearing on the price of Taxi Insurance? No claims

At High Gear we can transfer personal no claims to your Taxi Insurance policy, allowing you to reap the rewards of being a courteous driver. The more no claims you have the less of a risk you appear to our panel of insurers, thus the cheaper the premium quoted for cover.


The area in which you operate plays a huge factor in the price you will be quoted for cover. With crime rates, population as well as accident rates playing a part in your cover plan it is worth thinking carefully before choosing where you want to operate your taxi.

Taxi make and model

The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher it will cost to cover, with insurers having to foot the bill if anything were to happen to your car. At High Gear we offer a replacement taxi in the event of an accident, ensuring your business does not suffer as a result of a write-off. In addition to location, taxi size and the drivers no claims many other factors play a role in the calculation process including:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • How long the driver has had their license
  • The security measures taken
  • Whether or not they have points on their license
  • If the driver has a spent conviction
  • If the driver has been refuse insurance in the past.

With so many notions to consider we at High Gear try not to hone in on too many specifics, looking at the wider picture and crafting a way to obtain cheap Taxi Insurance for all of our customers.

Receive a taxi quote

If you wish to get a quote for Taxi Insurance then you can do so in just a matter of minutes. You can contact us via telephone or get a quote online using our quote page.


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Taxi Insurance: Beginners’ Guide
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