Stressed out workers need a holiday every 62 days

Stressed out workers need a holiday every 62 days

New research by the Post Office holiday insurance division has found that stressed out workers in the UK need a holiday every 62 days in order to stay healthy and happy in their work.

With more and more UK employees working in fast paced and pressurised environment, may are reaching burn out quicker than they would have imagined. The study by the holiday insurance provider found that in order to stay on top of their workload and stay happy in work, employees needed to take a break on average every two months.

Experts warn that failing to take a break from work when you feel burnt out can result in more mistakes being made in the workplace, and can also contribute to a poor health in workers as they feel as though they’re running on empty.

Despite this, the survey from the Post Office found that only 1 in 5 workers take a break from work once every 2 months, while 44% work continuously for 6 months before taking any sort of break from work. The first time workers take a holiday during the year is on average, April 19th the research revealed, 3 and a half months into the New Year.

So if you’re feeling frazzled after yet another hard week in work, take a break – you probably need one more than you realise.


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