Scottish police stage crackdown on car insurance dodgers

Scottish police stage crackdown on car insurance dodgers

The Scottish police forced staged a 3-day long intensive crackdown on car insurance dodgers over the August bank holiday weekend. The operation, which was coordinated in conjunction with the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), used the very latest technology, including sophisticated registration plate recognition systems, to help seek out drivers using the roads without legitimate car insurance on their vehicle.

With increased police powers, the authorities are able to dole out on-the-spot fines of £200 to anyone caught driving without motor insurance. However the heaviest penalty for anyone caught dodging insurance stands at a fine of £5,000 and also as the addition of 8 points on a licence. In the most serious cases, police can have the uninsured vehicle removed and even destroyed as a result of the driver not having taken out motor insurance.

The tougher penalties for uninsured drivers are part of a UK wide drive to stamp out the practice of driving a vehicle without cover. Recent statistics show that uninsured drivers pose a major safety risk as they are involved in accidents which have caused 160 deaths over the last year, and smashes which have caused 23,000 injuries. Drivers without insurance also cost the economy a whopping £500 million every year.

In addition to the worrying statistics mentioned above, the police have found that uncovering a driver with an uninsured vehicle is often the tip of the iceberg as these motorists are often involved in other criminal activities.

As more and more police forces stage clamp downs on uninsured drivers across the UK, the warning is clear, car insurance dodging will not be tolerated, and those caught doing so will face tough penalties.


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