Protect your property from storm damage with good home cover

Protect your property from storm damage with good home cover

With the stormy winter months fast approaching, M&S Money are urging property owners to ensure their insurance is up to scratch in case of storm damage during the severe weather.

According to the Met Office, the months of January and December are the worst for extreme weather with December bringing the wettest and stormiest weather, and January bringing windy conditions.

The extreme weather conditions can play havoc with property with M&S estimating that the average claim for property damage following a storm stands at £660.

The head of insurance at M&S says the company noted an increase in home insurance claims during January of this year related to damage caused by the elements. Claims for structural damage caused by falling trees, and damaged fences and doors caused by high winds were high up on the list of claims being made.

As well as ensuring your cover is up to date, insurance experts advise property owners to take a number of basic steps to keep their property safe. Checking all roof tiles are secure, and all guttering is clean and other basic maintenance duties have been carried out can help prevent accidents during extreme weather. It’s also advisable to secure or store all garden furniture away, and ensure all doors and windows are locked if stormy weather is on the way.


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