Keep the car in the garage and not your junk to lower insurance premiums

Keep the car in the garage and not your junk to lower insurance premiums

A recent survey by a leading car insurance provider has found that homeowners are increasingly using their garages to store stuff rather than their cars.

The study revealed that on average, the contents of a garage filled with junk had a value of £3,400, whereas the average car is worth £13,487 and more likely to be found sitting on a driveway or on the side of the road as opposed to safe and secure inside a locked garage.

Despite the obvious argument that protecting a car, which has a greater value than the random items most people store in their garage, should be a priority, car insurance companies also argue that drivers who keep their vehicle in a locked and secure garage overnight are more likely to benefit from reduced rates of insurance.

Despite 25% of the drivers who took part in the poll admitting they keep their vehicle on a driveway overnight, 41% also revealed that they worried about leaving the car outside where it could be targeted by thieves or vandals. Although drivers admit they worry about leaving their car outside on a driveway, 25.5% added that putting the car away in a garage every night was too much hassle.

25% of those questioned as part of the survey admitted to having garages stuffed full of junk and therefore there was no room to keep a car, but 9 out of 10 respondents said they had no plans to change this despite the benefits it could potentially offer in terms of vehicle safety and reducing car insurance premiums.


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