Insurer reports surge in car and home insurance claims as storms hit UK

Insurer reports surge in car and home insurance claims as storms hit UK

Insurance provider, the AA, has reported a 200% increase in the number of calls it has received this week with regard to claims following damaged caused to property of vehicles as a result of the storms which have been battering the UK in the last 7 days.

The most common issues being reported to AA insurance include damage to roofs including falling roof tiles, to broken windows caused by falling trees, fallen guttering and damage to cars caused by flying debris.

The continued stormy weather conditions are also having a knock on affect on repair work as high winds in many regions of the UK make it too dangerous for maintenance workers to get onto roofs to repair tile damage for example. Home insurers are recommending policy holders get in touch with their insurance provider before carrying out any repairs as they may be able to arrange temporary repair work to tide the property over until the issue can be resolved properly.

While last winter saw a rise in the number of claims being made on home and car insurance policies due to the icy and snowy weather conditions which affected the UK, this winter high winds and storms are hitting the headlines as Brits bear the brunt of this extreme weather.

The AA say roofs and cars are coming out as the areas in which most calls are being received with an increase of 12 times the normal ratio to report damage relating to these two areas. Overall calls to the AA are up by 200% compared to the number of calls usually received at this same time in previous years.


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