Convicted driver van insurance

If you have been convicted of a driving offence, finding affordable van insurance can be extremely difficult. You will find that you are further punished with increased premiums, not just this year but potentially for the next five years.

Those problems are now a thing of the past, with High Gear offering affordable van insurance premiums for drivers who have been convicted of motoring offences.

We understand that people make mistakes and in most instances the ordeal of the motoring conviction itself is enough to stop drivers reoffending. If a convicted driver is less likely to reoffend than a driver with no convictions then doesn’t that make them a safer risk to an insurer?

Meeting budgets

The sensible option, the one adopted by High Gear, is to asses all drivers on a risk by risk basis. If your premium is still higher than you’d hoped, High Gear Insurance will endeavour to help you meet your budget and reduce your business outgoings.

Ways that you can reduce your premium include:

* Increase your voluntary excess
* Downgrade your level of cover (fully comprehensive to third party only)
* Reduce your annual mileage

Receive a free quote for van insurance

Call our experienced sales team today for a van insurance quotation. Even if you have previous driving convictions, High Gear have a panel of specialist insurers to accommodate your needs.

Drink driver van insurance  

Van drivers with a previous conviction for drink driving used to find it almost impossible to obtain a cheap quote for their van insurance. However, at High Gear we have set out to change this, working with an expert panel of insurers that specialise in niche policies.

It may come as no surprise to hear that in a recent study conducted by MoneySuperMarket van drivers dominated in a list of occupations with the biggest proportion of convicted drink drivers.

Scaffolders came out on top, with 5.7 of every 1,000 reviewed having a drink or drug driving offence on their licence.
Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket said “although it’s no excuse, perhaps it’s not surprising that manual labour jobs are most likely to have a drink or drug conviction as the desire to relax with a pint, after a long strenuous day, could be high.”

Pay less for van insurance with High Gear

These damning statistics mean van drivers, on average, pay more than ever for van insurance. As the majority of van driver’s will use their vans as part of their careers on a daily basis, High Gear Insurance understands the importance of cheap insurance to make their businesses sustainable.

With a mission to offer fair insurance rates to van drivers, even those with drink driving convictions, we have quickly become van driver’s first port call when looking for coverage, providing Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive deals on a daily basis.

After all, what these recent studies don’t tell you is that the majority of convicted drink drivers never reoffend. This can often mean that from an insurer’s point of view, they are no more of a risk than many other drivers on the road.

Call High Gear today to discuss a quotation with one of our friendly sales team. No matter your circumstances we will search our extensive panel of insurers to find the right insurer for you.

Can’t get van insurance

If you are struggling to find an insurer able to insure your van; you are not alone, with hundreds of van drivers facing this difficulty each and every day. At High Gear we regularly come to the aid of customers who cannot obtain van insurance, helping drivers all over the UK. Locating deals for policies rich in features we are proud to be different, renowned for providing a faultless service with every agreement made.

Some reasons customers can’t get van insurance include:

Size of fleet
Age of driver(s)
Driver’s profile
Size of van
Industry you work in

Where some insurers will not take on single vans, others limit the amount of vans permitted on one insurance policy. We have a wide range of insurers on our panel offering competitive rates for van insurance to everyone, working closely with customers to arrive at bespoke insurance solutions.

Free quotes for van insurance

Whether a self-employed tradesman looking to simply to transport your tools from job to job or the owner of an established firm looking to expand your fleet, High Gear will have the right insurer for you. Call our experienced sales team today to get an insurance quotation on your van, allowing us to come up with a variety of options foe you to choose from.

Working in a quick, effective manner we will not waste your precious time, running through the quote to give you a clear picture of the kind of price you are looking at for coverage.
Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for further details.

AA offer new insurance products for motor trade

AA offer new insurance products for motor trade

Leading roadside assistance provider, the AA, have launched a new insurance product aimed at the motor trade. The move will see the AA expand their commercial insurance range offering a wider choice of cover and policies aimed at those in the motor industry.

The new range is being offered as part of an arrangement with leading independent business insurance broker, Bollington. The exclusive agreement will see the AA offering a range of services for recovery operators, those involved in the taxi, private hire and motor trade, and also repairers and those operating self drive hire fleets will benefit from the new range of policies on offer.

These newly launched products are in addition to the existing policies offered by the AA which include van and commercial vehicle cover.

The AA have described the move as a “natural extension” of their existing services, adding that there’s a greater need in the current climate to tailor insurance policies to meet the specific needs of the policy holder, and this is especially apparent in the motor trade. The AA believes that the introduction of their new range of policies will enable those working within the industry to tailor their cover to their requirements.

As well as being one of the most recognised roadside recovery agents in the UK, the AA also offer route planner facilities and the latest traffic news to driver, as well as motor insurance for private drivers and those in the motor trade.

Scottish police stage crackdown on car insurance dodgers

Scottish police stage crackdown on car insurance dodgers

The Scottish police forced staged a 3-day long intensive crackdown on car insurance dodgers over the August bank holiday weekend. The operation, which was coordinated in conjunction with the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), used the very latest technology, including sophisticated registration plate recognition systems, to help seek out drivers using the roads without legitimate car insurance on their vehicle.

With increased police powers, the authorities are able to dole out on-the-spot fines of £200 to anyone caught driving without motor insurance. However the heaviest penalty for anyone caught dodging insurance stands at a fine of £5,000 and also as the addition of 8 points on a licence. In the most serious cases, police can have the uninsured vehicle removed and even destroyed as a result of the driver not having taken out motor insurance.

The tougher penalties for uninsured drivers are part of a UK wide drive to stamp out the practice of driving a vehicle without cover. Recent statistics show that uninsured drivers pose a major safety risk as they are involved in accidents which have caused 160 deaths over the last year, and smashes which have caused 23,000 injuries. Drivers without insurance also cost the economy a whopping £500 million every year.

In addition to the worrying statistics mentioned above, the police have found that uncovering a driver with an uninsured vehicle is often the tip of the iceberg as these motorists are often involved in other criminal activities.

As more and more police forces stage clamp downs on uninsured drivers across the UK, the warning is clear, car insurance dodging will not be tolerated, and those caught doing so will face tough penalties.

Van drivers more likely to keep their vehicles clean says insurer

Van drivers more likely to keep their vehicles clean says insurer

Van insurance provider Swinton Commercial has revealed that van drivers are more likely to keep their vehicles clean, and to tidy them more regularly, than car drivers.

As part of an online survey of 1,200 online customers, 45% of van drivers said they would use a bucket and sponge to give their vans a proper clean, whereas only 25% of car drivers would adopt this traditional elbow grease method to clean their vehicle. 27% of van drivers would also use a roadside valet service to ensure their vehicle is spick and span.

The online survey conducted by the insurance company found that van drivers are more likely than any other driver to keep their vehicle clean with 39% regularly cleaning their vehicle, whereas only 15% of car drivers would clean their car this regularly.

Swinton Insurance believes van drivers’ attention to cleanliness is down to the fact that most van drivers and self employed, and so a clean van is a good advert for their business. The insurance provider added that a clean vehicle is a safer vehicle, especially if the rear and front windows are kept clean so visibility is clear, and there is nothing to obstruct the view while driving.


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