High Gear website enjoys a facelift

High Gear website enjoys a facelift

At High Gear Insurance we are proud to unveil a string of website updates, working closely with our tech partners in a mission to improve on perfection. While incredibly happy with the website we wanted to get a little more personal, rolling out new features that celebrate what it is that we do.

Building in elements such as the Live Chat feature motorists can now speak to our amazing team of sales advisors through HighGear.Co.Uk, asking any questions they may have.

Nihat Hassan, our Sales Director here at High Gear explains the thinking behind the updates.

We decided to include a Live Chat feature when carrying out the facelift to ensure customers could clearly communicate what it is they are looking for. Adding various product lines to the business we can now use Live Chat to direct potential customers to the correct departments, making sure their time with High Gear is an easy one devoid of stress’

In addition to the Live Chat feature the website is now a lot more interactive, working with a more welcoming tone that makes it easy to navigate around. Partnering with Cardiff web design agency MOBO Media, Chris, the lead developer on this project explains the brief:

High Gear insurance came to us with a problem. Their current website was too dull, and gave off the wrong impression, geared purely for taxi insurance. MOBO revamped the site to give it a new lease of life, ensuring that all types of motor insurance services were equally celebrated. We have added new colours to the brand, including making a start on a revamp of the companies sub-brands (insure your taxi, insure your truck, fast car insurance etc.)

The new and improved site aims to promote the brand of High Gear and all forms of motor insurance, as well as providing users with the ability to get in contact with them through their new live chat system.

Have a browse through the site and let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Cardiff Taxi Insurer Awarded With Investors in People Gold

Cardiff Taxi Insurer Awarded With Investors in People Gold

Non standard insurance specialist, High Gear, have today revealed the latest addition to their award repertoire, now boasting the title of Investors in People Gold recipients.

Having stomped onto the scene just one year ago the company made some bold statements, with their first press release claiming that they would ‘dominate the taxi insurance industry’. 12 months on and it is safe to say they have delivered on their promise, now existing as one of the most credible and recognised brands in the niche insurance market.

Now being presented with Investors in People is appears the company have gone from strength to strength, proving to be an incredible place to work as well as buy insurance.

In today’s release the company stated:

‘We are overjoyed to have been given the Investors in People Gold award; the program truly captured the essence of our working culture and we could not be happier’.

What is IIP? 


Investors In People GoldInvestors in people is a body that gauging the level in which a company is working with an admirable working culture, training people to progress no only in their company but their career also. Proving to be a fun, flourishing company High Gear take a less conventional approach than the majority of insurance businesses, building an office that people want to work in.

High Gear have even introduced a ‘chill zone’ to their office, creating a space for employees to go and take time out of the stresses of the working life.

If you want to learn more about the company’s IIP journey then visit their website here.


Rogue Cliams Company Found Guilty For Conspiracy to Defraud

Rogue Cliams Company Found Guilty For Conspiracy to Defraud

As an insurance broker value customer service, going to great lengths to obtain low cost, high standard car insurance policies for all of our customers. However, not all insurance companies work with the same ethos, with lots of rogue traders making efforts to practice illegally.

The latest organisation to feel the wrath of the law was a six-man company operating in London, quoted to have tried to defraud nearly 6million pounds from the UK insurance industry.

These convictions come off the back of an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service supported by Zurich Insurance, Direct Line Insurance Group and the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

How they did it

Having set up a claims management company the six men dealt with fraudulent or inflated insurance claims as well as submitting following crash-for-cash collisions, which had been coordinated by them.

Detective chief superintendent Paul Rickett, roads and transport policing command, said: “This was an audacious, criminal act, carried out by unscrupulous people whose sole aim was to line their pockets at the expense of their victims. They did not care whatsoever that their reckless acts endangered the lives of innocent people.
“We are committed to detecting, disrupting and arresting those involved in crime as demonstrated by our thorough and robust investigation, which left no stone unturned in catching these offenders.”

Working together to fight fraud

With some of the UK’s top insurers joining forces with the police the fraudsters had no option but to hold their hands up to the crimes committed, and with a strong focus being places n insurance firms of late we expect news of a long sentencing in October of this year.

Scott Clayton, claims fraud and investigations manager at Zurich Insurance, said: “Convictions such as these demonstrate the value of collaboration between insurers and the Metropolitan Police. We are delighted that the perpetrators of this fraud have been brought to justice.”

Mark Chiappino, counter fraud manager with Direct Line Group, said: “Insurance fraud of this nature is far from a victimless crime and there has been at least one innocent fatality following a “crash-for-cash” incident.

“It is estimated by the Association of British Insurers to add £50 a year to the average household’s insurance premiums, to cover the cost of paying fraudulent insurance claims.”

He added: “At Direct Line Group, we detect and deter as much fraud as possible, from a collaborative approach including sophisticated data analysis, the use of intelligence and highly skilled investigators, across our whole business.

“We work with all law enforcement agencies to assist them in preparing cases for criminal prosecution. Successful prosecutions like this one, protects the wider public from these scams and enables us to protect the premiums of our innocent customers.”

Let us know what you think, is prison a fair penalty?

5 reasons you should use an insurance broker

5 reasons you should use an insurance broker


Over the years the word ‘Broker’ has become misconstrued, with many not really understanding how a brokerage actually operates. Often referred to as a middleman a broker bridges the gap between customer and provider, being a beneficial party for both sides.

At Lady Motor we are keen advocates of the insurance broker, believing brokers to be very beneficial for drivers in need of competitively priced, high standard polices. Below are just a few benefits of opting to use an insurance broker.

Comparisons sites are not all they are cracked up to be

Although aggressive advertising would tell otherwise aggregator sites are not the best way to shop for cheap insurance, with many providers putting their top-end prices on such sites. Claiming to d all the comparison work for you all aggregator sites actually do is match your credentials and relay prices.

Brokers do that and more, talking their customers through the pros and cons of each policy them come across, providing more of a personalised service.

A no-fuss approach

Brokers are renowned for their no-waffle polices, being very straightforward when it comes to offers and budget limitations. In doing so they save people both time and money, exploring the areas that fit within budget and leaving our providers that they know will not work.


Shopping for car insurance can be a real drag, especially when you are a full-time worker. Brokers understand that people have commitments, working to other people’s schedules and requests.


Monitored by the FCS (Financial Conduct Authority) brokers are very stringent when it comes to data protection, working with a strong ethos to keep details protected. This goes for all brokers, having to work with guidelines that are beneficial for the consumer.

Brokers are experts 

By partnering with a broker you get free support, gaining advice and quotations from people that know what they are talking about. By learning what you drive, how you drive and the types of trips you carry out brokers will know what providers will best cater to your needs, getting the best deals as a result.

Let us know what you think, would you use an insurance broker?

Car Insurers Lose Money as Accident Repair Centres Shut up Shop

Car Insurers Lose Money as Accident Repair Centres Shut up Shop

A new study has revealed that car insurance companies are set to see a dent in profits as repair centres continue to shut up shop, giving insurers fewer opportunities to make money on repairs.

It has been reported that the number of body shops in Britain has fallen by a third since 2004 with numbers expected to plunge a further 9 per cent by 2020. Where a few years back we were seeing more and more body shops opening up we are now seeing the opposite with only the best, professional firms existing in the marketplace.

Robert Macnab, lead analyst at Trend Tracker, said: “As recently as 2004 there as a repair capacity excess of nearly 50 per cent. Insurers were spoilt choice in terms of who to give work to and could dictate terms.”

It seems that the industry is in a very different state at present with the remaining body shops now possessing the upper-hand, being in a much stronger bargaining position. Trend Tracker reckons this could be a lot more detrimental that we think, claiming insurers to have made a loss in 2014, with crashes costing them 109 per cent of the premium revenue they bring in.

A competitive marketplace means car insurers are unlikely to put up prices for customers, either: “Passing on these expenses may not be an option for insurers,” said Macnab.

Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving your comments below. Could this small change make a mark on the insurance industry indefinitely?

Highgear.co.uk reach the top of Google with the help of SEO agency mobo

Highgear.co.uk reach the top of Google with the help of SEO agency mobo

High Gear are happy to announce that they are now at the top of Google, ranking on page 1 for taxi insurance’.

With having an online presence being imperative when operating a modern business the company knew that they had to work hard to stand out amongst their many competitors. With many companies with large budgets paying their way to the top they claimed to have done their research, finding out how they could climb the Google ranks and stay there.

Having been in business for over a year they quickly defined their niche as a business, being the best option for taxi insurance policies in the UK. Having such a great product to sell High Gear needed to make sure that taxi drivers would stumble across their website when looking for insurance online.

Luckily they found mobo, a web agency based in the South wales area. Specialising in online marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) they employed all the tools to see their online marketing strategy lived out.

A happy workforce

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.56.06Alex Drummond, a director of High Gear said:

‘It was important for us to get as high up on Google as possible. Marketing ourselves as a modern solution for obtainingtaxi insurance we knew that the majority of our customers would reach us thorough the website. With the help of mobo we are now seeing nearly twice as much traffic, with being on page one encouraging more direct sales’.

Who is mobo?

Mobo is a web agency based in Cardiff city centre and although a fairly new company they undoubtedly know their stuff. Having worked on some of the greatest websites in the transport industry the High Gear team has heard nothing but great things about their SEO gurus.

Alex Wigmore, web developer at mobo had great faith that High Gear would get to page one in no time.

‘With a team of SEO specialists mobo creates content plans that really work, giving businesses the exposure they need to be a successful online company’.

High Gear are already reaping the benefits of owning an optimised website, having a positive effect not only their success as a brokerage. Check out the mobo website and see what they can do for you!


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High Gear website enjoys a facelift
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