High Gear website enjoys a facelift

High Gear website enjoys a facelift

At High Gear Insurance we are proud to unveil a string of website updates, working closely with our tech partners in a mission to improve on perfection. While incredibly happy with the website we wanted to get a little more personal, rolling out new features that celebrate what it is that we do.

Building in elements such as the Live Chat feature motorists can now speak to our amazing team of sales advisors through HighGear.Co.Uk, asking any questions they may have.

Nihat Hassan, our Sales Director here at High Gear explains the thinking behind the updates.

We decided to include a Live Chat feature when carrying out the facelift to ensure customers could clearly communicate what it is they are looking for. Adding various product lines to the business we can now use Live Chat to direct potential customers to the correct departments, making sure their time with High Gear is an easy one devoid of stress’

In addition to the Live Chat feature the website is now a lot more interactive, working with a more welcoming tone that makes it easy to navigate around. Partnering with Cardiff web design agency MOBO Media, Chris, the lead developer on this project explains the brief:

High Gear insurance came to us with a problem. Their current website was too dull, and gave off the wrong impression, geared purely for taxi insurance. MOBO revamped the site to give it a new lease of life, ensuring that all types of motor insurance services were equally celebrated. We have added new colours to the brand, including making a start on a revamp of the companies sub-brands (insure your taxi, insure your truck, fast car insurance etc.)

The new and improved site aims to promote the brand of High Gear and all forms of motor insurance, as well as providing users with the ability to get in contact with them through their new live chat system.

Have a browse through the site and let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

High Gear Insurance targets the Taxi Insurance market

High Gear Insurance targets the Taxi Insurance market

High Gear has taken the insurance market by storm, tapping into taxi insurance to its entirety. This niche market has enabled the firm to hone in on a specific section and identify what changes have to be made within this sector; ensuring insurance is of a high standard and an appropriate price.

On its arrival of the High Gear Insurance website it seemed too good to be true with its sleek and advanced design, giving way to a great business image of modernity.

Traditionally taxi insurance is very expensive with firms being pretty narrow minded in regards to taxi millage and the vehicles level of risk. What High Gear seem to be doing is promoting support for taxi drivers, ensuring that their coverage meets both their expectations and their budget.

The ethos progressed is successful in attracting customers as well as encouraging them to switch insurance providers, with hundreds and thousands making the change in the past month. Insurance is a huge market that seems to be getting things very wrong, singling certain demographics out in order to make money from them.

High Gear promises to expand and is in the process of setting up the procedures to offer bespoke policies to drivers who have convictions against their name. It is safe to say that market domination is in the pipelines with nobody stopping High Gear in their tracks.

This is always a grey area in insurance with companies either dismissing those with marks against their license or offering ridiculously high premiums that are simply unrealistic.

The CEO at High Gear, Tej Randeva says:

‘ We are excited to soon be offering our services to those who have been convicted of offences, the industry at present is neglecting many people which we feel to be unfair. Everybody makes mistakes but through the years we have realised that if you do offer competitive prices you will influence a generation of more precautious drivers. Dismissing drivers rights to have the best insurance agreements just gives way to further illegal activity’

As we can see High Gear are illustrating a mission to reinvent the way in which we view insurance, a market introduction that is so necessary at present.

Whiplash claims down 10% but neck & back injury up by 300%

Whiplash claims down 10% but neck & back injury up by 300%

personal injury claimsThe number of whiplash claims is falling, according to government figures, but claims for other back and neck injuries are on the increase.

The figures were published in a report from the Home Office Transport Committee, Cost of motor insurance: whiplash: Further Government Response to the Committee’s Fourth Report of Session 2013–14.

In the 2012/13 financial year the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Compensation Recovery Unit received 477,257 claims for whiplash injuries, compared with 428,497 in 2008/09 – a decrease of 10%.

However, the number of reported back injuries has climbed more than 185% to 38,323 from 13,410 in 2008/09. Over the same period, non-whiplash neck injuries have increased by almost 200% to 232,960 from 78,407 (see below).

But the figures may be hiding an increase in claims that have traditionally been labelled as whiplash injuries, with the report citing claims-reclassification as a possible reason for the decline in whiplash claims brought to the DWP.

“Over the past five years, claims for neck and back injuries have almost trebled to around 270,000 claims in 2012/13,” the report said. “It may be that a change in claims-labelling behaviour is behind this trend, such that a large volume of claims which would have been labelled as ‘whiplash’ are now instead being labelled as ‘back or neck’ injuries.”

News source: http://www.insurancetimes.co.uk/whiplash-claims-are-down-10/1406241.article

Lloyds hit by a further £1bn in mis-sold insurance compensation bills

Lloyds hit by a further £1bn in mis-sold insurance compensation bills

Britain’s largest retail bank, Lloyds, has been hit by £1 billion in bills to compensate customers who were mis-sold loan insurance. Lloyds Banking Group has suffered a third quarter loss due to the new scandal but on Thursday announced that its cost-cutting programmes were ahead of target.

The recent hit extends Lloyds payment protection insurance bill past a staggering £5bn mark making the group responsible for bills worth £5.3bn.

In a bid to deal with the mounting costs, Lloyds have introduced recovery measures that include reducing its loan book, cutting costs and reigning in on bad debts. The plans have been devised by Chief Executive Antonio Horta-Osorio who is determined to turn the bank’s fortunes around.

Mr Horta-Osorio informed the media on a conference call: “The group continues to perform well in a challenging environment and we are making significant progress against our strategy.”

Lloyds is on its way to recovery with programmes aimed to cut costs to £10 billion this year, two years ahead of target and down £1 billion from 2010. The Group has announced that it expects to cut its non-core assets by an approximate £38 billion in 2012 – this notes an increase of £13 billion from what it had planned at the beginning of the year.

Mr Horta-Osorio said: “We remain confident that, by delivering our strategy to be a simple, customer-focused UK retail and commercial bank, we can rebuild the trust of our customers and other stakeholders and can deliver sustainable returns for our shareholders over time.”

Lloyds is part-nationalised after it was bailed out by the public in 2008 leaving Britain with a 40% stake in the bank.

Allianz and Axa report staggering profits amidst unstable European markets

Allianz and Axa report staggering profits amidst unstable European markets

European citizens have chosen the security of life and health insurance over volatile risk investments, allowing two of the continent’s biggest insurance providers to record booming profits. Allianz and Axa beat analyst forecasts today, raking in staggering profits of 2.37bn euros and 2.6bn euros respectively.

For market leader Allianz who beat financial pundits’ operating profit predictions of 2.2bn on Friday, takings are up 2.8 percent from last year. Axa was pencilled to bring in an estimated net income of 2.11bn euros in the first six months of the year, which it also beat. The insurer also recorded a 3 percent rise in health insurance in its operating profit.

Both companies reported an increase in share prices after their operating profits were revealed this morning. While Allianz were up 6 percent, Axa were up 5 percent by 1530 GMT today.

At a time of financial turbulence in Europe, traditional life and health insurance is viewed as a little or no risk investment, opposed to policies where returns are based solely on market performance.

Allianz Chief Executive Officer Michael Diekmann said in the statement: “Our operative business is stable and remains on course. Despite the challenging environment, we confirm our outlook”, while finance chief Oliver Baete said:”The customer assumes correctly that Allianz is more stable than his own government.”

Chief Financial Officer Gerald Harlin for Axa told reporters: “Our strategy has been for several years now to develop in business lines that are not market sensitive — property and casualty, health, protection.”

Reuters quotes a London-based analyst commenting:  “All the big companies have been trying to push the plain vanilla products. When people are nervous about the economy, health insurance is probably an easier sell than, say, pensions.”

India’s ‘womb removal insurance scam’ hits headlines worldwide

India’s ‘womb removal insurance scam’ hits headlines worldwide

The Indian state of Chhattisgarh has discovered incidents where doctors have conducted unnecessary ‘womb removal’ procedures on patients in order to make insurance claims. Recent reports suggest that thousands of women have undergone unnecessary hysterectomies in a scam where private hospitals can claim under the terms of a national health insurance scheme for treating patients who cannot afford expensive surgeries.

According to official figures, more than 2000 women were convinced by doctors to remove their uterus in the last six months, having been told that the procedure can cure a range of illnesses from abdominal cramps to back pains.

Out of the 34 medical centres accused of the gross malpractice, none have commented. 22 of these centres have been found to contain evidence suggesting illegitimate surgeries were being carried out.

State health minister Amar Agrawal told Indian newspaper Hindustan Times: “It has become a sensitive and serious problem. We are investigating whether these surgeries were being done just for the money or were genuinely needed. The government will take stern action against those found guilty.”

Victims of the scam have told local newspapers how they were convinced by their doctors that a hysterectomy would cure them of ordinary medical issues, and if not followed through might result in life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. “Panic and fright left us with no option,” said one 31-year-old victim who can never again become a mother.

According to the BBC, state opposition leader Ravindra Chaubey has alleged that these scurrilous operations were the result of “connivance between health department officials and private nursing homes”.

The recent womb removal insurance scam has brought India into the spotlight once again, following a string of scandals witnessed under the UPA coalition government. However, medical practitioners are concerned that this might scare prospective patients who might refuse a hysterectomy when genuinely required.


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High Gear website enjoys a facelift
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