Learner driver car insurance  

High Gear are currently offering fantastic car insurance rates to learner drivers, introducing new drivers to the road with a warn welcome.  
When most car insurance companies hear the words “learner driver” they think “high risk”, “young driver” or “inexperienced”. At High Gear we feel these to be inaccurate opinions. In fact, we believe that many learner drivers are a fantastic risk for any insurance company to take on, with their conscientious nature when behind the wheel proving a benefit with regards to road safety.  

What makes learner drivers a “good risk”? 

Due to the stage of their driving life new drivers are often tarred with the same, brush, all thought to be inexperience and high accident risks. However, this is not entirely correct, with their lack of experience meaning they have not formed bad habits.  
Below you will find just some points as to why we like working with leaner drivers: 

It’s a legal requirement for learner drivers to be accompanied at all times by an older, more experienced driver. This ultimately gives way to more attention being paid on the road, other drivers as well as speed. 

With insurance theory tests now more comprehensive than ever, most learner drivers have an excellent understanding of the Highway Code and the relatively new Hazard Perception part of a driving theory test means learner drivers take to the road more prepared than ever before. 

 Most other road users will be more cautious when travelling behind or beside a learner driver when they see those “L” plates on a car. This therefore forms a sort of protective bubble, seeing learner drivers as a safe option to insure in our eyes.  

Taking all of this into consideration it will be no surprise to hear that High Gear Insurance offer fantastic rates for learner drivers car insurance, wanting to start new drivers off on a policy that is rich in quality but not high in price.  
Call us today and speak to our friendly sales team and ask about our schemes exclusive to learner drivers.

DR10 Insurance

Here at High Gear we are eager to help all types of drivers, offering  competitive rates under most circumstances. With the wide range of schemes available through our extensive panel of insurers  we can now offer the best rates for almost everyone, especially those with driving convictions. Understanding the frustration convicted drivers face once their bans are lifted we have over the years proven very supportive, helping convicted drivers get back on the road.

One of the biggest contributors to increased car insurance premiums are motoring convictions, with drink driving convictions such as a DR10 usually resulting in massive increases in insurance premiums.

We at High Gear Insurance understand that mistakes happen and the shock of the incident paired with the impact a DR10 conviction can be rather stressful. With issues such as highly priced DR10  insurance often resulting it drivers reoffending we have decided to step in, working with drivers and insurers to arrive at premium prices to suit all.

Looking at your whole profile

Where many insurers will focus too much on past convictions we at High Gear like to look at your whole driving profile, building policies based on the following:
No Claims Bonus
Vehicle value
Security measures taken
And much more.

By doing so we can create a number of policy options to choose from, searching our extensive panel to find the best DR10 insurance quotes.

If you would like to learn more about the various DR10 insurance products we can offer contact us today and speak with a member of our expert team. They will be sure to discuss the various options at hand.

0 years no claims bonus insurance

At High Gear we are currently offering extremely competitive rates to drivers with zero no claims bonus, working with an expert panel to deliver an unparalleled service.

Understanding that having zero no claims bonus doesn’t necessarily make you a higher risk than a driver with several years no claims bonus, we work separate to competitors, looking at the bigger picture when calculating premiums.

There are many reasons why a driver would have zero no claims bonus and it is very rarely due to an accident. While many insurers hike up rates we sympathise with the fact that some drivers could have been insured on a company car or named on another policy; two occurrences that we see every day.

A spike in first insurance policies

One prominent reason for a spike in first insurance policies is the amount of families requiring a second car being on the rise. Until now a large proportion of drivers have been named drivers on their spouse’s insurance policies, however; the demands of modern family life means they now need a second car more than ever.

As a result older drivers without no claims bonuses are shopping for their first insurance policy, facing many obstacles when searching the market for quotations.

Our no claims bonus schemes

At High Gear our experienced sales team will consider all customers on an individual basis, with many schemes available to new customers. Offering an introductory discount to experienced drivers with zero no claims bonus we have fast become the nation’s go-to company, helping frustrated drivers obtain rates they are happy with.

Receive a free quotation today

If you have zero no claims bonus, regardless of your circumstances, have faith that High Gear Insurance can help.

For a no obligation quote, submit your details online or call our friendly and experienced sales team today.

0 Years NCB Insurance

At High Gear we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers, working with a long list of insurers in order to locate attractive policies for our customers. One area of the industry that has always fascinated us is 0 NCB Insurance, with the majority of drivers without no claims  bonuses to use feeling they have zero chance of bagging a deal.

This is why we work with many types of drivers, helping our customers obtain competitive rates for policies rich in serving features. Whilst cheap insurance policies were once reserved for those with many years no claims bonus this is no longer the case, with companies like High Gear possessing the knowledge and ability to help new drivers as well as those with zero NCB.

Understanding that those that have been driving for years may have only bought third party only insurance there are many reasons why drivers do not have a bonus to use. Here at High Gear we look at the bigger picture, not hearing alarm bells but rather seeing it as a challenge to help such drivers in their quest for competitive cover.

What we look at when devising quotes

When building up a quote we look at a whole set of contributing factors, including:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle value
  • Claims and convictions
  • Pass plus certificates
  • And much more.

From here we can gain a clearer picture of the risks involved in creating a policy plan, not basing the whole calucation process around your 0 years NCB.

If you would like to learn more about our various insurance products then get in touch today and speak with a member of our sales team. By learning of your personal and driving details they will get to work, searching the market to locate the best price possible for you and your vehcile.


Convicted driver insurance  

Whether you are a young driver, a taxi driver looking for cover or a businessperson looking to set up a policy, we understand how much spent convictions can harm your ability to obtain cheap insurance. With the industry infamously pricing policies at the top end of the scale due to risk factors, convicted drivers are constantly being stung by past mistakes, something that we at High Gear endeavour to change.

Our expert panel

With such lengthy experience in the insurance industry we have over the years built up an all-encompassing panel, one that can deal with quotes for people with a DR50, DR10, MS50, BA30 and any other endorsements. From drink driving bans to bans issued due to an accumulation of points, we work will all types of convicted drivers across the UK, going to great length to locate competitive quotes on their behalf.

Nihat Hassan, the sales manager at High Gear says:

‘At High Gear we are proud to work in a separate manner to our competitors, working hard to locate great rates for serving polices, no matter what our customer’s background. This is why we have quickly made a name for ourselves for offering convicted driver insurance, helping drivers get back on track and move on from their motoring regrets’.

What do I need to obtain a quote?

If you are on the search for convicted driver insurance then allow us to help. All you have to do is give us a call with the following information to hand:

Name, age and address
Driving licence number
Proof of ID
Details of driving convictions
Proof of NCB (if applicable)
Registration details

From here our friendly staff  will run through a quotation with you, obtaining various packages in which you can choose from. Contact us today and make the first move in finding a cheap insurance policy that will serve your every driving need.

Banned Driver Insurance

UK law states that you can be banned/disqualified from driving if you are convicted of a driving offence or get 12 or more penalty points/endorsements within a 3 year period. Stinging many motorists a ban can have a detrimental affect on insurance for years after the ban is lifted, seeing drivers unable to meet insurance costs and consequently commit further offences.

At High Gear we go to great lengths to help drivers with all types of backgrounds, not judging or tarring drivers with the same brush as everyone else. This is why we are the nation’s first port of call for banned driver insurance, working with a long list of specialist insurers in order to find great deals for our customers; whatever their past. Understanding the embarrassment of bans we possess a mission to change the attitude of the industry, helping convicted drivers get back on track with a serving car insurance policy that is not ridiculously expensive.

Bans we can cater to

Whether you have been convicted of drink driving, dangerous driving or the accumulation of too many points, we at High Gear have the knowledge to help; with years of experience working with what are traditionally known as ‘high risk drivers’.

Differing from our competitors we look at many areas before calculating a price for cover, drawing on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Vehicle value
  • Cover type
  • Occupation
  • Convictions
  • And much more.

By doing so we have the ability to look at the bigger picture, helping us find the best quotes to serve both your driving needs and your financial situation.

Receive a free quotation for banned driver insurance

If you are interested in receiving a free, no obligation quote for banned driver insurance then be sure to call us at High Gear today. We will talk you through the various possibilities at and, going to great lengths to find an insurance solution to suit all.


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