Beat insurance costs with a coach hire from Coach Broker

Beat insurance costs with a coach hire from Coach Broker

With hiking insurance prices, maintaining a car to travel to UK locations can be an expensive affair. If you live in a city, you can beat insurance costs by travelling green with a trusted cycle by your side. However, when it comes to important events like weddings, birthdays and airport transfers, the need for a car is crucial. There’s now an option to keep away from car maintenance costs while accessing luxury travel with chauffeur-driven coach hire from Coach Broker! Coach Broker, the UK’s leading coach and minibus hire provider, offers affordable chauffeur-driven coach hire services for all your special events so you don’t have to worry about how to get to your destination. Don’t compromise on luxury or your purse strings with the great vehicles and prices available at Coach Broker. Coach hire guarantees that you are transported in style to your venue at prices that are much cheaper than insurance costs making it a popular draw for customers across the UK.

Coach Broker is a nationwide transport hire service and its high quality chauffeur-driven coaches are snapped up for a variety of events including weddings, birthdays, hen and stag parties, sporting events, music concert travel, staff days out, school proms, school trips, city tours, day trips, airport transfers and more. Customers across the UK can access its extensive fleet that includes everything from a 8-seater executive minibus hire to an 80-seater double-decker coach hire!

Booking a coach hire is not just cost-efficient but luxurious as well with all Coach Broker coaches equipped with 3 point seatbelts, plenty of luggage space, extra leg room and special features like air conditioning, state of art entertainment systems, plasma screens, DVD/CD players, iPod docks and more.

Why bother with a car in city locations when you can access Coach Broker services at a fraction of the maintenance costs for a personal vehicle? A chauffeur-driven private coach hire allows you and your friends to travel together without any worry for the journey as the Coach Broker team promises to take care of all the details.

Coach Broker chauffeur-driven coach hire is available across all UK locations including London, Bristol, Brighton, Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh and Glasgow. launches improved motorbike insurance service launches improved motorbike insurance service

In an effort to improve its services, has collaborated with web designers Vast Visibility to offer an increased choice in motorbike insurance policies for its customers. Offering an extra incentive of 1000 Nectar points awarded when purchasing motorbike insurance from, the company has added 35 insurers to compare bike policies, including some of the biggest providers such as MCE, Bikesure, Carole Nash, and more., the popular British price comparison website specialising in financial and insurance services, is part of the Admiral Group. With its updated motorbike insurance options, the website now offers price comparison for mopeds, scooters, classic motorbikes, sports bikes and quads. The relaunched motorbike insurance section of the website has received positive feedback for making it easier for bikers to find the right policies at a price of their choice.

Head of motorbike insurance at, Alex Higgs, said: “We are delighted to be in partnership with Vast Visibility, working together to provide an even better service for motorbike insurance customers. We can now offer an even wider range of policies and a wider range of prices.

“With the list of questions nearly 20 per cent shorter, getting a quote through is now easier and more intuitive than before. And, as ever, we will continue to make improvements.” is now offering a brand new service in online price comparison. For the first time, motorbike insurance customers can complete their quotes over the phone. For customers who might get stuck while completing their price comparison search, or for those who might lose internet access while on the move, this new feature guarantees to make it even easier to get quotes.

Aussie cops trial cameras which spot uninsured drivers

Aussie cops trial cameras which spot uninsured drivers

Police in New South Wales, Australia, are trialling a new type of camera which spots cars which are uninsured by automatically screening their number plate.

As well as detecting uninsured vehicles, the high-tech cameras also flag up vehicles which are unregistered and which have been reported stolen, or wanted for any other kind of serious motoring offence.

At present only one new police patrol car has been equipped with this special equipment which uses number plate recognition to screen the vehicles. The advanced technology used in the cameras means that the device is able to read up to 6 number plates simultaneously every second. Cars to the front and side of the police patrol car can be picked up.

The mobile camera can be used while on the move, and it can even read the number plates of speeding vehicles up to a maximum speed of 110km/h.

A similar type of camera is also being trialled in Europe currently. These static “Big Brother” style cameras can also detect a multitude of vehicle details including whether or not the vehicle has a tax disc, and also whether the passengers are wearing seat belts, or if the car is tailgating the vehicle in front by measuring the distance between the two vehicles.

If the tests in Europe on these new style cameras are deemed a success, we could see this technology on UK roads within the next couple of years.

Car insurance scammers on the rise

Car insurance scammers on the rise

Car insurance scammers who stage accidents in order to claim money off the innocent party’s policy are on the rise, according to recent statistics.

It’s been estimated that these “cash for crash” fraudsters cost the insurance industry £350 million last year, adding an extra £44 to the cost of each UK motorist’s car insurance policy.

The most common technique employed by these fraudsters is to cause a situation whereby the innocent driver behind them, crashes into the back of their vehicle. It’s generally accepted that the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is in the wrong.

The scammers often set up these “accidents” on clear roads, or at roundabouts. Another trick they use to lead the victim into rear ending their vehicle is to slam on their handbrake so the driver behind won’t be alerted to the fact that the vehicle in front is stopping from the brake lights.

Victims are not chosen at random, instead the scammers single out elderly drivers, and lone parents, as they are less likely to fight the insurance claim. Commercial drivers are also a favourite with the fraudsters as they are less concerned about the damage as their vehicles are owned by their company.

The average amount obtained from each claim was approximately £17,000. This amount includes costs for personal injury, and also the damage to and recovery of the vehicle.

Motor insurance premiums have risen 14% in second quarter of this year

Motor insurance premiums have risen 14% in second quarter of this year

Motor insurance premiums rose by 14% in the second quarter of this year according to research from

In the three months to June the average cost of comprehensive car insurance has increased by 14.2% bringing the average price of comprehensive cover to £599 which is an extra £74 increase.

It’s been suggested that insurers are hiking prices in an attempt to claw back profit after suffering as a result of the economic downturn, also increased claims costs, higher personal injury payouts and also more fraudulent cases.

The cost of uninsured drivers on the road is also reported to have had an impact on the rising cost of motor insurance premiums, with the Motor Insurance Bureau revealing that uninsured drivers cost insurers £400 million last year alone. This cost is then passed onto the customer which equates to an extra £30 on every motor insurance policy taken out.

The largest regional quarterly increases were reported in Manchester, Merseyside, inner London and Northern Ireland. The age group to notice the biggest leap in comprehensive car insurance rates were the 41-55-year-olds.

It’s yet another blow for motorists who’ve already been hit by the rising cost of fuel, and also insurance premium tax increases. According to one of the heads at, the cost of insurance looks likely to continue to rise as insurers struggle to make money as a result of increased fraudulent claims, uninsured drivers and hefty personal injury costs.

Cyclists advised to check their bikes are insured on their home contents policy

Cyclists advised to check their bikes are insured on their home contents policy

M&S Money Insurance is advising cyclists to check that their home contents insurance policy covers their bicycles in case of theft or damage.

The comments have been made after the insurance company carried out a survey which discovered that 76% of UK households own at least one bicycle.

The poll also revealed that one quarter of the cyclists questioned had had their bike stolen in the last two years, and with the average cost of bicycle standing at £240, it’s not the kind of article you can afford to leave uninsured.

As the weather warms up, more and more people are likely to take up cycling. Plus everyone is being urged to help reduce carbon emissions, and cycling to work as opposed to driving, is a great way to make a help reduce your carbon footprint.

However M&S are warning bike owners, or those thinking of investing in one in the near future, to ensure they have adequate insurance for their bike.

Some home contents insurance policies, like the one offered by M&S, covers bicycles, however not every policy does so you are well advised to check this in case your insurance provider is one of the latter. It’s also crucial that your bicycle is insured against theft outside your home, as well as outside your property.

With National Bike Week due to kick off on June 19th, the advice couldn’t have come at a better time.


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