Insurance worry for 200k flood risk homes after 2013

Insurance worry for 200k flood risk homes after 2013

The Association of British Insurers estimates that as many as 200,000 UK homes could find themselves uninsurable after 2013 when the government agreement with insurance industry which safeguards insurance policies for high flood risk homes comes to an end.

At present, homes in flood risk areas are protected thanks to an agreement known as the Statement of Principles between the government and the insurance companies. This guarantees insurance cover for all properties regardless of whether they are at increased risk of flood damage.

The term was put in place to allow the government time to improve flood defences, however the agreement is due to come to an end on July 1st 2013, after which the insurance companies will no longer be obliged to offer policies to these types of high risk homes. At present, there are no plans to extend the current agreement.

According to the recent research conducted by the Association of British Insurers, approximately 200,000 homes are at risk of flooding with property in Boston and Skegness found to be at highest risk in Britain followed by homes in the Vale of Clwyd, Folkestone, Hyde and Windsor.

The ABI is calling for the government to intervene and take some responsibility for the funding of insurance for the high flood risk properties, while environment agencies are calling for more action to be taken to improve the flood defences, however progress on this has been slow as there’s some discussion over which departments are responsible for funding these improvements.


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