Insurance Premiums Set to Fall as Driving Records Go Online

Insurance Premiums Set to Fall as Driving Records Go Online

Insurance companies like us go to great lengths to ensure all information received and inputted is truthful. It is these details that determine the price of the premiums quoted to customers.

Insurance firms have until now had to trust the word of the driver on the length of time they have had their license and if they incurred any points along the way.

At present insurance companies have to price in these risk factors. This new introduction could see the end of this, seeing premiums reduce throughout the whole industry.

The Association of British Insurers say that policy prices are automatically placed at a high fee due to the lack of concrete knowledge that the information they receive is the full truth.

“Significant cost savings” would also result from “reducing the need to obtain paper copies of licences from policyholders”, the association added.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said anyone with a driving licence would be able to use the online database whatever technology knowledge they employ. Insurance companies will be able to get help from a call centre, library or post office if they face any difficulty.

“This will enable insurers, for example, to price much more accurately, because they will not have to take anything on trust,” he said.

It is always a huge dread finding out we need to get our hands on official documents that we were issued a long time away, decades and decades ago for many. With this new online system that will not be a problem.

All the information will be on this system such as speeding points and other offences. It is one of 25 public services set to go digital by 2015.


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