Insurance hike for first time speeding offenders

Insurance hike for first time speeding offenders

Recent research has discovered that insurers are looking to clamp down on first time offenders of minor driving offences such as speeding and using a mobile phone behind the wheel by imposes an increase on insurance premiums of up to 60% in the most extreme of cases.

Historically, car insurance companies haven’t penalised drivers for first time speeding offences, however AA Insurance recently reported that all of the insurers they work in conjunction with do increase the cost of an annual premium after a driver gets the first three points on their licence as a result of a speeding offence.

The rate of the increase varies according to the age of the driver with the youngest motorists, those in their 20’s, being the worst hit with a rise in the cost of cover in the region of 22% after a first speeding fine. Drivers in their 30’s can expect an increase of 15% while motorists aged in their 40’s are likely to see an increase of 10% on the cost of their cover.

While being caught texting or talking on their mobile phone while driving is punishable with a fine and three points on your licence, the same as speeding, insurers appear to take a dimmer view of the former and impose harsher penalties with the cost of an annual insurance premium rising by as much as 60% for drivers caught using their mobile for the first time.


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