House swappers in danger of invalidating their home insurance

House swappers in danger of invalidating their home insurance

Insurance experts have warned individuals and families planning a house swap this year to consult with their home insurance provider beforehand, or they could run the risk of invalidating their policy.

It’s been estimated that 1.6 million Brits are planning a house swap during 2011, which is double the number of people from last year. The economic downturn could well be to responsible for the surge in house swapping as people and families attempt to have a holiday on a budget.

However two thirds of those who have house swapped in the past admitted that they hadn’t notified their home insurers before going ahead with the swap. Lloyds TSB Insurance say this is particularly worrying as the home owner could find their policy invalidated as a result of failing to inform their insurer of the change.

Not having an adequate home cover in place ahead of a house swap could be extremely costly to the owner as they would potentially not be covered should damage be caused to their home or possessions. Plus damage to property during house swaps is relatively common as Lloyds TSB Insurance estimate that a quarter of house swappers have returned home to find damage to either their property or possessions.

If you are one of the 1.6 million Brits planning a house swap this year, make sure your home cover is up to scratch before handing your property over.


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