Home insurer calculates the time Brits waste looking for misplaced items

Home insurer calculates the time Brits waste looking for misplaced items

A survey by Esure Home Insurance has calculated that on average we Brits spend 10 minutes out of every day searching for lost or misplaced items, with the worst offenders being revealed as men with a third of wives who took part in the study admitting that their husbands regularly lose items around the home.

Home insurer Esure questioned 3,000 adults to compile the results of their survey which found that 4 out of 10 adults regularly argue with their partner over misplaced items, often blaming each other for not being able to find the thing they’re looking for.

The most common items which are lost include mobile phones, with house keys and car keys coming in second and third place respectively, followed by paperwork, spectacles and sun glasses, a wallet or purse, lip balms and hairbrushes came in eighth place for the most commonly misplaced items according to the home insurance survey.

While small items such as keys and phones are most likely to be lost, 1 in 10 people questioned as part of the poll admitted to losing their car in a car park regularly, while a very unlucky 14 people from the survey revealed they spent an hour every day looking for a misplaced personal belonging.

The advice from home insurance experts is to ensure that items such as keys and wallets should always be kept in the same place to avoid losing them as it would be a major cause for concern should your house or car keys or lost debit card fall into the wrong hands.


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