Home insurance video app launched by Confused.com

Home insurance video app launched by Confused.com

Comparison website, Confused.com, have launched a new House of Horrors video app to highlight the importance of home insurance. The new application is part of the comparison site’s latest social media marketing campaign and utilises information on a user’s profile to create the House of Horrors videos using details of that person’s actual home.

The purpose of the app is to underline the importance of home insurance. While many home owners may be tempted to cancel or not take out a policy as a way of cost saving during this period of economic uncertainty, insurance experts warn that this may be a false economy should your home become the target of thieves or if you were unlucky enough to suffer a fire or flooding at your property.

Worryingly, recent statistics from the British Crime Survey point to a 5% increase in the number of domestic burglaries in the UK in the last 12 months to September 2011, highlighting yet again the importance of having proper insurance in place.

The new House of Horrors video app from Confused.com recreates the user’s home using information from their Facebook profile and sets up the scenario of a burglar breaking into that person’s home. Confused.com hope this shock factor of utilising actual details from the user’s home will emphasise their message about the importance of home cover.

The launch of the new video app coincides with another initiative from the comparison site. Anyone who takes out a policy for home, car, pet or travel insurance through the site will receive 1,000 in Nectar points, while those taking out life cover will receive 3,000 of Nectar points.


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