Home insurance survey shows Brits cause £700 million of damage while drunk

Home insurance survey shows Brits cause £700 million of damage while drunk

A recent study by insurance provider, More Than, has found that as a nation over the course of two years, we cause £700 million of damage to our homes as a result of being drunk. A third of us have either smashed a valuable item while under the influence or started a fire or caused a flood, all because we’d had a few too many according to More Than research.

The insurance provider studied over £1.5 million claims on home insurance policies to collect the data, with stumbling around drunk and breaking an item or damaging something in the home, being the most common claim for inebriated homeowners.

Worryingly, starting fires came in as the second most common claim, often caused as a result of falling asleep, leaving burning candles unattended, or trying to cook while drunk; the advice from insurance experts is to get a takeaway to avoid setting fire to your home while trying to rustle up a post-pub snack.

Typically we’d imagine students and young people to be most likely to cause damage after a few too many beers, but surprisingly, the study found that the biggest culprits are those aged 35-54 years of age with an average house of value of £242,673.

More Than found that the average cost of a claim for a mishap in the home caused by a drunken person is £461 each time, with the total cost of claims throughout the UK over a two year period calculated at a staggering £700 million.


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