Home insurance deals from Sainsbury’s and rewards for shoppers

Home insurance deals from Sainsbury’s and rewards for shoppers

Sainsbury’s has just introduced two home insurance packages which will not only allow consumers to save money on their policy, but also on their shopping and petrol when they shop at the supermarket chain.

Nectar Card holders will receive a discount of up to 15% off any new standard home insurance premium they take out with Sainsbury’s, while those taking out premier standard cover for home or contents insurance will receive two years of double nectar card points.

For shoppers who regularly spend £100 at Sainsbury’s, they’ll receive Nectar points up to the value of £104 a year, which Sainsbury’s say is the equivalent to 49% of the average cost of a building and contents insurance policy.

An extra incentive being offered which is likely to tempt many customers, is Sainsbury’s recent deal which offers 12 months cover for the price of 9 months, available to any customer who takes out a combined buildings and contents insurance policy before June 4th.

For customers who take out a home insurance policy with Sainsbury’s online, they’ll also receive a 20% discount off the price of the policy, offering another great way for consumers to save on essential cover for their homes.

Sainsbury’s say they hope to offer their customers support during these times of economic uncertainty through discounted insurance policies, and also by offering rewards on the things we buy most frequently, such as petrol and grocery shopping.


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