High Gear Insurance targets the Taxi Insurance market

High Gear Insurance targets the Taxi Insurance market

High Gear has taken the insurance market by storm, tapping into taxi insurance to its entirety. This niche market has enabled the firm to hone in on a specific section and identify what changes have to be made within this sector; ensuring insurance is of a high standard and an appropriate price.

On its arrival of the High Gear Insurance website it seemed too good to be true with its sleek and advanced design, giving way to a great business image of modernity.

Traditionally taxi insurance is very expensive with firms being pretty narrow minded in regards to taxi millage and the vehicles level of risk. What High Gear seem to be doing is promoting support for taxi drivers, ensuring that their coverage meets both their expectations and their budget.

The ethos progressed is successful in attracting customers as well as encouraging them to switch insurance providers, with hundreds and thousands making the change in the past month. Insurance is a huge market that seems to be getting things very wrong, singling certain demographics out in order to make money from them.

High Gear promises to expand and is in the process of setting up the procedures to offer bespoke policies to drivers who have convictions against their name. It is safe to say that market domination is in the pipelines with nobody stopping High Gear in their tracks.

This is always a grey area in insurance with companies either dismissing those with marks against their license or offering ridiculously high premiums that are simply unrealistic.

The CEO at High Gear, Tej Randeva says:

‘ We are excited to soon be offering our services to those who have been convicted of offences, the industry at present is neglecting many people which we feel to be unfair. Everybody makes mistakes but through the years we have realised that if you do offer competitive prices you will influence a generation of more precautious drivers. Dismissing drivers rights to have the best insurance agreements just gives way to further illegal activity’

As we can see High Gear are illustrating a mission to reinvent the way in which we view insurance, a market introduction that is so necessary at present.


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