Glasgow dentist banned for not having insurance for almost 20 years

Glasgow dentist banned for not having insurance for almost 20 years

A dentist in Glasgow, who has been operating for nearly 20 years without any insurance cover, has been struck off the dental register for failing to protect his patients’ interests.

61-year-old David Black was banned by the professions governing body, the General Dental Council (GDC), when it was discovered that he made a conscious decision to not renew his insurance from 1993. Black claimed that he made his own arrangements to provide cover, and that the nature of his practice in the field of cosmetic dentistry would result in claims of limited value.

All dentists who practice privately must have insurance that costs only £1472 annually.

The GDC informed Black while delivering their judgement: “Unexpected and severe complications can arise during the most basic of treatments which could have a great impact and involve unpredictable consequences. You were no different from any other general dental practice in terms of that risk and it is of great concern to this committee that you did not recognise this.”

It has been revealed that although Black had made inquiries about renewing his insurance, he had not done so until it came to the GDC’s attention in 2011. Considering the circumstances, the GDC said that it had no alternative but to erase him from the dental register. The GDC are known to strike off about 40 dentists a year for not practicing according to standards.

Black, who has until 4 July to appeal the decision, has been banned from practising in the UK for at least five years.


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