Female drivers paying more car insurance in the North

Female drivers paying more car insurance in the North

Female drivers in the North of the UK are paying more for car insurance according to recent statistics. Women drivers in Manchester, Yorkshire and the Merseyside are reportedly paying up to 4.7% more for car insurance compared to their counterparts in the South of the UK.

The figures released from Confused.com/ Tower Watson Car Insurance Price Index showed that car insurance rates for female drivers have been falling year on year by 3%, however for some regions of the UK, particularly in the North of the country, insurance for some female drivers have gone up by as much as 9.7%.

Female drivers in Manchester and Merseyside have not benefited from this yearly reduction on the cost of cover, in fact the latest figures show that women drivers aged between 21-25 years of age in this region have seen an increase of 4.7% year on year.

While the cost of insurance for female drivers has reduced by 3% on average year on year, male drivers have seen a less significant drop in the cost of cover, some 1.8% year on year, the latest figures have revealed. The average cost of a car insurance police for male drivers in the UK now stands at £869, while the average cost of a policy for women drivers is £751.

While female drivers still benefit from lower insurance rates on average compared to men as they are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident, this will all change at the end of the year when gender bias in motor insurance will become illegal.


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