Female drivers clued up about car maintenance

Female drivers clued up about car maintenance

According to new research, female drivers are not as clueless as previously believed when it comes to car maintenance.

It seems the notion that women haven’t the faintest idea about how to look after their car, and keep it maintained and in good working condition, is very much outdated as a recent survey discovered that over three quarters of female drivers know how to check both their water and oil levels on their vehicle.

The research was conducted by specialist female car insurance provider Diamond and also found that two in five women would feel confident enough in their own ability to change a wheel without any male assistance. Furthermore, the same number of women also said they have the knowledge to jumpstart a car, and change their own windscreen wipers.

Female drivers also take a pro-active approach to basic maintenance of their car with one fifth revealing they give their vehicle an overall check every month, while a third of the 2,500 women drivers who were questioned as part of the survey say they check their engine over before embarking on a long distance journey.

The trend for women taking a greater interest in cars and motoring extends beyond general maintenance of their vehicles with 60% of those questioned admitting that they regularly watch BBC2 motoring show Top Gear.


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