Drivers not packing essential items for winter travel

Drivers not packing essential items for winter travel

Many drivers are failing to prepare for winter travel by forgetting to pack essential items when heading out on the road in the cold weather, that’s according to a recent study by Manheim Auctions.

According to the poll, only 33% of drivers preparing for a long drive during the winter, remember to pack warm clothing ahead of the journey, while only a quarter of those questioned carried jump leads in their car, while a fifth said they packed a shovel in the boot.

On a positive note, 80% of respondents said they always carried an ice scraper in their car during the cold winter months, while 77% always pack a de-icer spray, 89% carry screen wash to top up their existing supply, while 66% say they check their water level before heading out in the road during the winter.

Carrying extra safety items such as a warning triangle is something 19% of drivers do, while 17% carry a reflective jacket which will increase their chances of staying safe should they become stranded in the snow.

All of these items could mean the difference between getting stranded in the snow in your car and not, and so experts are warning motorists to be extra prepared before taking to the road in case we experience a similar level of snowfall as last winter.


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