Drivers consider switching to more fuel efficient cars to save money

Drivers consider switching to more fuel efficient cars to save money

Fuel Tax PlanMore UK drivers than ever are considering switching their car to a more fuel efficient model, a survey by a leading car insurance comparison website has revealed.

The poll was carried out by and found that 50% of those it questioned would seriously consider changing their car for a more fuel efficient vehicle as rising petrol and diesel costs, and car insurance premiums, are taking their toll on the average motorists.

With fuel prices and car insurance premiums at a record high, some drivers in the UK are even contemplating ditching their car altogether in favour of public transport as many are finding the spiralling cost of driving expenses too much to handle.

Out of those drivers who took part in the poll, 10% said that the cost of car insurance for a particular vehicle also had a direct bearing on their choice of car, with many opting for cars which are cheaper to insure, in an attempt to keep motoring costs down.

In light of the findings of the study, say that it’s more important than ever for motorists to shop around for a deal on car insurance, as those who do compare a range of quotes, will be able to get more for their money.


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