Cost of travel insurance will double for some OAPs

Cost of travel insurance will double for some OAPs

The cost of travel insurance could double for some over 65’s in 2012 new research suggests. An investigation by Money Mail has discovered that the price travel insurance for an OAP could be set to rise from £163 to as much as £361 for annual cover this year.

Younger travellers are also noticing an increase in the cost of travel insurance policies, however the rise is expected to be in the region of less than 9% which is significantly less than the 121% increase effecting the cost of cover for some OAPs.

The hike in the price of travel insurance for older people has caused concern amongst charities and consumer groups who fear that elderly travellers may be priced out of the insurance market which could lead these people to travelling without any type of cover.

The rising cost of travel insurance may push over 65’s towards taking out the cheapest possible option for insurance, however this could leave them open to problems if the policy doesn’t offer adequate cover for their needs. In some cases, experts believe that the sudden hike in holiday insurance premiums will deter older people from travelling abroad altogether.

In their defence, insurance companies say the premium cost reflects the increasing claims experienced for specific groups and that the price of travel insurance takes into account each travellers risk factor, which in many cases, means older travellers are placed in a high risk category due to the increased risk of health problems.


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