Cost of some travel insurance policies for OAPs set to rise

Cost of some travel insurance policies for OAPs set to rise

The cost of travel insurance for selected policies for the over 60’s with medical conditions could rise by as much as 90%, a new report has suggested. Those with specific pre-existing medical conditions are likely to be hit by the hike on travel insurance for OAPs.

In a recent newspaper report, it’s claimed that the increased cost of medical care in the US and also in selected European countries is the reason travellers are experiencing a rise in their travel insurance premiums. In the space of just one year, the cost of travel insurance for certain individuals with specified medical conditions has risen by 90%, with insurance companies explaining that the increase in the cost of cover reflects the rising cost of medical care in certain overseas hospitals.

Elderly travellers planning a trip to America or parts of Europe will be worst hit. In one example given, a 79-year-old with angina travelling to the US for a two week holiday would face a premium of £576, an increase of 90% compared to the £303 the same travel insurance would have cost last year.

While the cost of travel insurance has rocketed for specific groups of OAPs, for some the picture is even bleaker as many have reported being unable to obtain any type of cover whatsoever.

However it isn’t all bad news for the over 60’s as insurance experts have found that the price of travel insurance for those without any pre-existing medical conditions has actually gone down.


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