Claims for whiplash pushing up the cost of car insurance

Claims for whiplash pushing up the cost of car insurance

The thousands of claims for whiplash following a road traffic accident are pushing up the cost of car insurance, according to a recent report by MPs, who are calling for a ban of insurance companies selling customer information to private injury lawyers, and also raising the threshold for payments for neck injury cases in a bid to curb this growing problem.

Often claims for whiplash injuries are not being contested by the insurance company as diagnosis of this type of injury can be subjective, the recent study by the MPs found, which deters insurers from fighting the claim as it is hard to defend this type of case.

While the MPs behind the study say they support justice, and those who have been seriously affected as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault should not be put off seeking compensation. However there was concern that victims who are not seriously hurt or have suffered lasting injury, are being railroaded into making claims from cold calling personal injury companies who persuade them to pursue a claim.

The report from the transport select committee found that the spiralling number of uncontested whiplash claims in the UK is having a negative impact on the cost of car insurance, with premiums rising at a staggering rate in order to fund the claims for compensation. Curbing the number of whiplash claims, would help bring the cost of insurance back under control, it recommends.


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