Car insurer finds drivers are unsure of speed limits

Car insurer finds drivers are unsure of speed limits

A recent survey by car insurance provider, LV=, found that seven out of ten drivers were unable to correctly identify the speed limit for different types of roads, which could signal that many drivers are being hit with speeding fines due to their ignorance over the limit for specific roads.

The study carried out by car insurance company LV found that 1 in 3 drivers who took part in the research could not identify that a single carriageway has a 60mph limit, while 1 in 2 drivers didn’t know what the speed limit was on a rural road without street lights.

The results of the research are especially worrying as this seems to demonstrate that a large proportion of motorists on UK roads are not fully aware of the speed limits on specific roads, which could lead to them breaking the limit without even realising that they are doing so.

Evidence suggests that many car insurance providers raise their premiums for drivers after just one speeding offence, and with 1 in 10 drivers being caught speeding since 2009, with 17% of these drivers receiving speeding tickets on two or even three occasions, this will be having a negative impact on the cost of insurance for many drivers.

The advice from car insurance experts is for drivers to brush up on their driving theory to ensure they’re not caught out by speed limits due to a lack of knowledge.


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