Car insurance study finds drivers switch off after 11 minutes behind the wheel

Car insurance study finds drivers switch off after 11 minutes behind the wheel

Car insurance provider, Esure, conducted a study into the driving habits and attention span of drivers in the UK and discovered that on average, drivers switch off and go into autopilot mode just 11 minutes into a long journey.

1003 motorists took part in the survey which was conducted by the motor insurance provider Esure. Boredom seems to be a problem for drivers during car journeys, with 22% saying they find themselves falling into autopilot easily, with 34% admitted to arriving at a destination with no memory of the journey they undertook to get there.

A number of the drivers who took part in the survey revealed they’d driven to their place of work instead of their intended destination after going into autopilot mode. The main reasons for falling into autopilot according to the results of the study were feeling tired, or thinking about work.

25% of motorists admitted they got bored easily when undertaking long car journeys, with 32% revealing they attempt to relieve the boredom by switching radio stations and music at regular intervals and checking their phone.

Drivers in the North East of England were found to be the most likely to switch off behind the wheel, while motorists in the East Midlands were found to have the best levels of concentration.

When it comes to the gender divide, 16% of male drivers said they mentally switch off when their partner starts talking during a car journey, compared to just 10% of female drivers.

Safety and insurance experts recommend staying focused on the road, however long or short the journey you’re undertaking, to ensure you stay safe while behind the wheel.


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