Car insurance scammers on the rise

Car insurance scammers on the rise

Car insurance scammers who stage accidents in order to claim money off the innocent party’s policy are on the rise, according to recent statistics.

It’s been estimated that these “cash for crash” fraudsters cost the insurance industry £350 million last year, adding an extra £44 to the cost of each UK motorist’s car insurance policy.

The most common technique employed by these fraudsters is to cause a situation whereby the innocent driver behind them, crashes into the back of their vehicle. It’s generally accepted that the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is in the wrong.

The scammers often set up these “accidents” on clear roads, or at roundabouts. Another trick they use to lead the victim into rear ending their vehicle is to slam on their handbrake so the driver behind won’t be alerted to the fact that the vehicle in front is stopping from the brake lights.

Victims are not chosen at random, instead the scammers single out elderly drivers, and lone parents, as they are less likely to fight the insurance claim. Commercial drivers are also a favourite with the fraudsters as they are less concerned about the damage as their vehicles are owned by their company.

The average amount obtained from each claim was approximately £17,000. This amount includes costs for personal injury, and also the damage to and recovery of the vehicle.


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