Car Insurance Firm Uses Fast and Furious Stars Death For Self Promotion

Car Insurance Firm Uses Fast and Furious Stars Death For Self Promotion

The world was greatly taken back by the shocking news of Paul Walkers death this week, a young man taken far too soon.

Walker took his last breath in a Porsche supercar along with his financial advisor, Roger Rodas. Roger was driving when they hit a tree and a lamppost.

This collision came as distressing news to everyone. Everyone apart from the American car insurance firm 4AutoInsurenceQuote who managed to use it to their advantage. The ruthless company posted a series of tweets in relation to the Fast and Furious stars death.

However as the rest of us took to twitter to illustrate our condolences the insurance firm used social media for promotional purposes.

4AutoInsurenceQuote were encouraging people to ‘get a free quote’ on the back of this devastating story.

After a series of 30 tweets directed at celebrity and organisational tweets showing their sadness of Walkers passing the company wrote:

“the real question on everybody’s mind is – did he have car insurance?”

What really enraged the public were the tweets posted on the deceased official twitter page.

One user wrote: “You’re seriously using someone’s death to advertise yourselves? Not getting my business, hope you go under.”

Another added: “This is UNBELIEVABLE.. Sack your social media manager.”


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