Benefits for customers taking out car insurance with Sainsbury’s

Benefits for customers taking out car insurance with Sainsbury’s

If your car insurance policy is up for renewal in the next few weeks, then you could take advantage of a generous offer from Sainsbury’s car insurance. The insurance provider is offering Nectar cardholders the chance to receive up to £293 in rewards and benefits if they take out a car insurance policy before April 9th. Compared to the industry average for UK car insurance policies, the amount of savings available is the equivalent to 30% off the cost of an annual premium – a discount not to be sniffed at.

As part of the Sainsbury’s offer, customers who take up a policy before the deadline will save up to 15% off the cost of their annual cover, and will also receive double Nectar points on all shopping and petrol over the next two years.

In addition, Sainsbury’s are also offering free breakdown cover for 12 months, including free labour on roadside repairs and free recovery service to a garage within 10 miles of the breakdown.

An extra 5% discount is also available to any customer who purchases an insurance policy with Sainsbury’s before February 8th, bringing the total value of potential customer savings up to £341.

While many insurers are offering incentives at this time of year to attract new customers, Sainsbury’s believe their latest offer and extensive benefits package will appeal to a wide range of consumers and will prove difficult for other insurers to beat.


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