Avoid the pitfalls which will increase your car insurance premiums

Avoid the pitfalls which will increase your car insurance premiums

While many of the factors which determine how much you pay on car insurance premiums such as your home address and gender are out of your control, there are steps that can be taken to ensure your premiums don’t rise unnecessarily – not being caught speeding or using your mobile behind the wheel being two of the most important.

While it was often the case that a driver’s first speeding offence would be ignored by their insurance provider, with no increase in the cost of their cover being noted as a result of being caught breaking the speed limit for the first time, this is no longer the case according to AA Insurance. The insurance provider has noted that the vast majority of insurers now increase premiums directly after a driver is hit with a speeding penalty, regardless of whether it’s their first offence.

Research shows that over the following three years while those points are on your licence, you will pay on average the equivalent to four times the £60 fine in increased insurance costs.

Bearing this in mind, the speed awareness course offered to first time speed offenders, at a cost of £90, could be a good investment as it shows your insurer that you’re a conscientious driver and you’ve taken responsible action to rectify your mistake and ensure it doesn’t happen again. His could lead to a reduction in the increase in your premiums.

While speaking or texting on a mobile phone while driving carries the same penalty as speeding, 3 points on the license and a £60 fine, insurers take a very dim view of those guilty of this offence as the act of using a phone is deliberate, whereas a driver could in theory, accidentally exceed the speed limit. As a result, insurers are more likely to increase premiums considerably for those caught using a mobile while driving, so to avoid being it with increased insurance costs, don’t use your mobile while driving.


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