Average cost of emergency medical treatment abroad revealed

Average cost of emergency medical treatment abroad revealed

The average cost of a hospital visit for a British tourist while on holiday abroad has been revealed as £1,333.41 according to a survey by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance.

The travel insurance provider investigated the claims of travellers in 2010 to compile the results of the survey. The cost of medical treatment in different countries varied massively, with the USA coming out as the most expensive country for medical attention, with the average hospital visit costing £4,725, while Greece was revealed as the country with the least expensive medical treatment as the average patient would receive a bill for £422 following a trip to the hospital.

The survey also found that the country which saw the most claims by Brits abroad was Spain, followed by Turkey and then Greece. The most common ailment affecting British tourists during 2010 was earache, while the most expensive medical claims were for heart attacks which resulted in medicals bills costing in the region of £8,000.

The rising medical bills for Brits abroad only goes to highlight yet again the importance of putting in place adequate travel insurance before heading off on a foreign holiday. Many travellers wrongly think a European Health Insurance Card will suffice as cover while on holiday, however insurance experts are quick to point out that this is by no means a replacement for a travel insurance policy.


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