Almost half of motorists at risk of frost jacking attack

Almost half of motorists at risk of frost jacking attack

Almost half of all UK motorists are putting themselves at serious risk of frost jacking attacks as a recent survey found that 47% of drivers regularly leave their car unattended with the keys in the ignition while they wait for their vehicle to warm up during cold weather.

The research was conducted by insurance provider and found that 47% of motorists in the UK regularly leave their engine to warm up and windscreen to clear while they wait inside their house to keep warm.

However the insurance company is warning that this practice is extremely dangerous as it estimates that thefts totally £12.7 million occur every year as a result of drivers leaving their cars unattended during icy weather conditions.

What many motorists don’t realise either is, if their car is stolen as a result of their keys being left inside the vehicle, it’s highly unlikely their insurance policy will cover them. This means that a high number of British motorists are leaving themselves open to car theft, and also the possibility of invalidating their car insurance policy as a result of this practice.

Consumer watchdogs and insurance providers are warning motorists to be vigilant in the face of frost jackers and to not leave themselves open to such an attack with lacks security. One of the bosses at Swiftcover believes a “it won’t happen to me” mentality is to blame for the 47% of people leaving cars unattended during the cold, but warned that the threat is very real and can happen to anyone, in any part of the UK.


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