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Our Transport Industry Knowledge

The founder of High Gear boasts a widespread knowledge of the insurance industry, having over 25 years of immersion within this sector. In addition to this type of intellect the Directors of the firm have over 100 years of combined transport knowledge, creating a trustworthy voice in which customers are in need of.

Residing in a variety of junior roles within a number of insurance divisions has influenced a well-rounded and greatly informed understanding of the way in which insurance providers, brokers and underwriters operate.

In addition to this profound intellect the whole High Gear team possesses an undeniable understanding of consumer preference, sympathising with drivers who are in need of both professional advice and more importantly, cheap premiums for their insurance.

High Gear has created an admirable company image, working with their customers rather than against them. From the exposition of High Gear Limited we drew up our mission, visions and values and created corporate business pillars to work in line with these ideals.

On the back of long-lived research the Directors of High Gear identified that this was a market tarnished by unethical practice with customers throughout the country being overcharged for the coverage they are receiving. With the introduction of High Gear came freshness, a new and improved way of connecting customers with the policies they are hungry for.

From the industry knowledge that the High Gear group possesses it is within their working culture to revive the image of the insurance broker, seeing that customers are leaving their service with a great feeling of relief, knowing that High Gear has helped them save money on their car insurance.

If you are interested in receiving quotes for cheaper car insurance then contact us today, we promise to help you on your quest to save money.