AA launches new policy using black box technology

AA launches new policy using black box technology

The AA has introduced a brand new car insurance policy using the latest black box technology. The insurance provider is the latest company to experiment with this new style policy as more and more insurers seek to offer options for younger drivers who are currently worst hit by the rising cost of car insurance.

The new policy known as AA Drive Safe, will require drivers to have a black box installed in their vehicle which uses satellite technology to monitor the car and the way it’s being driven

Data including the times of the day the car is on the road, also the driver’s behaviour behind the wheel including average speed and how frequently they accelerate, will all be collected via the black box which is then transmitted via the satellite to the AA who will monitor this information, using it to calculate the cost of that particular driver’s insurance. The safer you drive, the cheaper your insurance will become.

At the start of the policy, the driver is given an average quote for their insurance premium, which will also include the cost of having the tracking device installed. By paying for the insurance by monthly direct debit, the cost of insurance will be altered month by month in line with the results of the data collected via the black box.

This new style of car insurance is being championed as the best means by which young and inexperienced drivers can obtain affordable car insurance as those who are responsible behind the wheel will have the chance to prove their driving ability and will then be rewarded with cheaper insurance.


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