50% of drivers may downsize their car due to rising motoring costs

50% of drivers plan to downsize their vehicle to a more affordable model should the cost of motoring continue to rise as recently seen, that’s the results of a survey which sought to discover the feelings of UK drivers on the future of motoring.

The survey was carried out by the British Car Auction (BCA) with 4,000 motorists being questioned as part of the poll. Out of those 4,000 drivers who took part in the research, 50% revealed that they would be looking to downsize their car in the future should the cost of motoring continue to be as costly as it is currently.

Rising fuel costs and the higher rates of insurance premiums were pinpointed as the two most concerning areas for the drivers, according to the BCA survey. 39% of those who took part in the poll said they would cut fuel duty if they were in charge of the government as future predictions are forecasting that the cost of a tank of fuel will cost on average £100 by the year 2015.

While the price of car insurance has been rising at an alarming rate in recent years, the latest figures did signal a fall in the sharp rise in motor insurance premiums which will hopefully signal a levelling off in the price of insurance rates, which will be good news for drivers.


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