5 reasons you should use an insurance broker

5 reasons you should use an insurance broker


Over the years the word ‘Broker’ has become misconstrued, with many not really understanding how a brokerage actually operates. Often referred to as a middleman a broker bridges the gap between customer and provider, being a beneficial party for both sides.

At Lady Motor we are keen advocates of the insurance broker, believing brokers to be very beneficial for drivers in need of competitively priced, high standard polices. Below are just a few benefits of opting to use an insurance broker.

Comparisons sites are not all they are cracked up to be

Although aggressive advertising would tell otherwise aggregator sites are not the best way to shop for cheap insurance, with many providers putting their top-end prices on such sites. Claiming to d all the comparison work for you all aggregator sites actually do is match your credentials and relay prices.

Brokers do that and more, talking their customers through the pros and cons of each policy them come across, providing more of a personalised service.

A no-fuss approach

Brokers are renowned for their no-waffle polices, being very straightforward when it comes to offers and budget limitations. In doing so they save people both time and money, exploring the areas that fit within budget and leaving our providers that they know will not work.


Shopping for car insurance can be a real drag, especially when you are a full-time worker. Brokers understand that people have commitments, working to other people’s schedules and requests.


Monitored by the FCS (Financial Conduct Authority) brokers are very stringent when it comes to data protection, working with a strong ethos to keep details protected. This goes for all brokers, having to work with guidelines that are beneficial for the consumer.

Brokers are experts 

By partnering with a broker you get free support, gaining advice and quotations from people that know what they are talking about. By learning what you drive, how you drive and the types of trips you carry out brokers will know what providers will best cater to your needs, getting the best deals as a result.

Let us know what you think, would you use an insurance broker?


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