30% of Brits choosing to not insure their vehicles

30% of Brits choosing to not insure their vehicles

A report by the Motor Insurers Bureau has found that almost a third of motorists are failing to take out car insurance, despite the fact that the Bureau has records of all uninsured vehicles in the country.

The Motor Insurers Bureau’s recent report into uninsured vehicles and drivers focuses upon four main areas, namely Birmingham, Essex, Manchester and West Yorkshire and estimates that a massive 1.4 million drivers are using UK roads without any type of cover.

Research has shown that uninsured drivers are responsible for causing 23,000 injuries and 160 deaths on UK roads every year. In addition, drivers without insurance add £30 to the insurance premium of every driver in the UK. The negative effect uninsured drivers have on other drivers is unacceptable, according to Motor Insurers Bureau, and they say they are taking steps to tackle the problem.

The rising cost of car insurance has been cited as one possible reason for the high volume of uninsured drivers on UK roads as many motorists are simply unable to afford the extortionate annual insurance premiums, and so choose to risk driving without. The Office of Fair Trading has just outlined plans to investigate the rising cost of car insurance, the results of which will be ready by the end of the year. If they find the rises in car insurance are unfair, measures may be made to curb the spiralling rate of motor of insurance costs.


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